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*** uSit iSit is shutting down ***

April, 2016

How to Start a Babysitting Co-op Quickly, Easily and Safely

The uSit iSit app service will be discontinued, April, 2016.

Reinventing the Babysitting Co-op for the Mobile Mom

  • Trade sitting duties ONLY with trusted friends you invite
  • NO random neighbors you don’t even know
  • NO administrative or scheduling hassles
  • Automate scheduling, notifications, tracking sits

What’s a Babysitting Co-op / Swap / Exchange?

You sit for my kid, next time I’ll sit for yours

  • Instead of hiring babysitters, simply exchange babysitting duties within a group of other local parents. Your child gets a playdate, and you save serious $$$ on sitters! It’s free childcare!
  • BUT, how do you track who sat for whom?
    Who’s not doing her fair share?
    Who keeps records?
    Who calls everyone?
    Dues, meetings — really?!
  • And do you even know all these neighbors???

How uSit iSit improves on the traditional sitter swap:

  • NO strangers — exchange babysitting ONLY with friends you’ve invited into your circle
  • NO scheduling headaches — skip the endless phone calls, texts, emails — the app handles it
  • NO record-keeping— automatic tracking keeps everyone honest
  • NO meetings to waste precious free time
  • YES, it’s FREE — unlike your babysitter!

How the uSit iSit babysitting exchange works:

  • Friend-based, not neighborhood-based. You have your own individual co-op, trading ONLY within your circle of friends that you invited.
  • Each friend is then the center of her own co-op, swapping only with her own, unique circle of trusted friends, and so on…
  • Automated administration & communication. Need a sitter? One tap tells your whole circle. When someone responds, the app tells you.
  • Points track sitting-hours, keeping it all fair. Earn Points by sitting; spend them on a friend who sits for you.